Doggie Let Me Out Stage 1 Walkthrough

 Doggie Let Me Out Stage 1 Walkthrough

Doggie Let Me Out Walkthrough
Stage 1 Walkthrough
Step By Step Directions

1. Click on the poster of the toaster.

2. Get numbers.
3. Zoom out.

4. Click on cabinet with “0000” on it.


5. Type in 2538.

6. Click cabinet again to open it.

7. Take dog food.

8. Zoom out

9. Click on dog bowl.

10. Highlight dog food and click bowl.
11. Zoom out.

12. Click on door.



Doggie Let Me Out Stage 1 Walkthrough

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Doggie Let Me Out Walkthrough

Hi Guess Studios is back with another great game. This time they've moved out of the guess the picture genre of games and into the room escape realm. The difference in this game and most of the other room escape games for mobile devices is the fun and whimsical theme. This one is truly fun for the entire family. They are challenging, yet can be solved by children as young as 7 to 8 years old.

The idea of the game is to distract the dog that is in each room so that he moves away from the door, which allows you to get out of the room. Distracting the doggie isn't quite as easy as it seems. You'll need to dig up keys, dog toys, treats and find other clues by rummaging around every last corner of each room to solve all the clues.

If you need help with any Doggie Let Me Out Stage, we are here to help. We've got the walkthroughs and step by step instructions for every level of the game.